network rail courses


Courses We Offer

Signalling and Telecomms Maintenance Courses 

Signal Engineering Maintenance Level 1 

Signal Engineering Maintenance Level 2 

Practical Installation Skills

Working on Operational Signalling Equipment (WOSE) 

Cables and Power Supplies FLMF 

Fault Finding and Diagram Techniques FLMF 

DC Track Circuits FLMF 

AC Track Circuits FLMF 

HVI Track Circuits FLMF 

EBI 200 Track Circuits FLMF 

Aster Track Circuits FLMF 

Axle Counters 70/30 FLMF 

Signals, AWS and TPWS FLMF 

HW Points FLMF 

SO Supplementary Drive

Points Fittings

Treadle Installation


Level Crossing FLMF

AHB Barriers FLMF 

CCTV for Level Crossings

Fibre Splicing

Wireless Media Technology

Introduction to 5G

Route Relay Interlocking FLMF ( 850 and E10K ) 

Signal Maintenance Testing Handbook Initial and Recertification 

G110 Tester / Lead Tester 

G110 Author/ Checker 

Telecomms Maintenance Tester (TMT & FIP)

Signal Failure Investigation Level 1 

Signal Failure Investigation level 2 

Production of Functionally Equivalent Design ( Former Non Conceptual Design ) 

SMTH Block Testing 

SMTH Release of Controls 

Basic Signalling Technology (BST)

Intermediate Signalling Technology (IST)

Signal Sighting Committee


Signalling Works Testing Courses 

Mod 5 – Test Assistant 

Mod 3c – Verification Tester 

Mod 3BL – Functional Tester 

Mod 4 – Functional Tester 

Track Courses

Track Back Level 2-4

CRT Management

Track Patroller

Stressing Levels 1-3


Track Geometry 1

Hot Weather Patroller

S&C Maintenance

Plain Line Maintenance

053 Switch Inspection

054 Crossing Inspection with NDT Testing

Temporary Clamps

Passing Trains over a broken rail

Safety Courses 

Manual Handling

Confined Spaces

Working at Heights ( Signalling ) 

Fire Safety

Education and Training Courses

(RQF) Level 3 in Education and Training

Train the Trainer  

Presentation Skills

Practical Training Delivery

Team Building

Observational Skills and Development

This list is not exhaustive, if you have any requirements that are not listed please get in touch.